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Blackburns Batman is Homozygous Black. (EE aa Dn) No White!

6 Panel N/N. He is such a sweet stallion with a willing attitude to do anything you ask of him, he is going to give his foals Brains, Personality, Color, Lots of hip and a Super cute head!!

Sire: Jaz Acero Hombre (Grulla)

Dam: Poco Blackburn 5358 (Grullo)

He is 25% Poco Bueno, 19% King, 6% Yellow Jacket & 7% Pretty Buck.

2021 Stud Fee $800.00 

Live Foal Guarantee!

Mare Care $15 a day or $20 a day for wet mare.


Jaz Acero Hombre


Poco BlackBurn 5358

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