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SL Burnin Angelica ~ Keeper
(Blackburn Poison Ivy ~ SL Poco Steel Zombie)

SL Perty Blackbeard
(BFR Blackburn Frosty ~ Blackburns Batman)

Sold: $3500.00

SL Zombies Black Pearl
(Perfect Pearls ~ SL Poco Steel Zombie)

Sold: $5000.00

SL Poco Jack Sparrow ~ Keeper
(FQHRPoco Stormy Doll ~ Kings Subzero Image)

HS Acero A Batman
(Blackburn Perty Czar ~ Blackburns Batman)

Sold: $ 4000.00

SL Poco Steel Syrena ~ Keeper
(Blackburn HarleyQuin ~ SL Poco Steel Zombie)

SL Jaz Steel Beckett
(Poco Minnie Bay ~ SL Poco Steel Zombie)

Sold: $3000.00

SL Kings Icy Dalma
(SL Blackburn Winter ~ Kings Subzero Image)

Sold: $4000.00


SL Pretty Mermaid ~ RIP
(BFR Perty Poco Ember ~ SL Poco Steel Zombie)

SLBurnin King Cotton 
(Blackburn Pure Honey ~ Kings Subzero Image)

Sold: $2000.00

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